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    Temperature Screening Process

  • Each entry stored in your
    ​central server database

  • Badge Printing

  • From Desktop to Floorstands

  • Health Screening from Your Phone

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Temperature Scanners and Visitor management system make it easy to track, trace, and monitor your visitors and employees.

Temperature Scanners with COVID questionnaires are essential in keeping your facilities safe during this pandemic. The challenge is having your staff monitor the front lobby with a handheld digital thermometer and another team member conducting the COVID questionnaires with paper and pen is not sustainable.

MyLobby platform is the solution where you can TRACK, TRACE, and MONITOR on one platform automatically. Here are some of the features:

  • Temperature screening
  • COVID questionnaire screening
  • Employee Attendance Logs
  • Visitor attendance logs
  • Instant notification of non-compliant entries

Within this website, you will learn how our Visitor Management Solution has evolved into a PEOPLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM like MyLobby has helped organizations save timespace, and more importantly, in this pandemic, has made COVID-19 screening safer and more efficient. The MyLobby team is committed to delivering a versatile and cost-effective Temperature Scanner to help manage the flow of visitors and personnel.

The key benefits of our body temperature scanner are:

  • Saves time by connecting people faster
  • Contact Tracing 
  • Reduce Operational Expense – Less human resources required
  • Improve security with a clear head and shoulder picture of each visitor
  • Maintains an up-to-date log visitor
  • Easy to query visitors still in the building.
  • Mass Notification System – Sends Customize emergency messages to staff and visitors
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We offer a free trial with no credit required. Simply enter your information on the form and we will email the instructions on how to get started. If you have questions or need assistance call us at 1-866-636-0636 x 221


Visitor Tracking
 Hyperlink visitors and host
 Export Data
 Email notification
 Delivery notification
 SMS Notification
 Two-way notification
 Human voice prompts
 Event Registration
 Returning Visitor
 Slideshow presentation
 Customized mass emergency notification
 Question and Prescreening
 Visitor Picture
 Sign out reminders
 Waiver documents and signature
 Auto sign out
 Badge printer
 Active Directory
 Telephone Call Notification







Two Way Communication

Once you’re notified that your guest has arrived, you can send a text back with a personal message to your guest, stating that you’ve acknowledged they have arrived or letting them know you’ll be down to greet them in a few minutes.

Emergency Mass Notification

Send out a customized email and SMS message to everyone in the building.

Get the complete solution

MyMedia offers full service setup, from installation and configuration. We also provide full project management.

Cloud hosted solution

Makes setup easy and seamless.

On-Demand, Customized Printing Badges

Visitor badges are printed whenever they check-in.

Utilizing the tablet's front-facing camera

You have the option to enable a photo capture option, which will automatically take a photo of your visitor when they check-in. Once captured, the image will be added to your visitor log along with other check-in details.

Legal and Compliance Documents

Ensure all visitors comply with facility 


We understand every business

has unique challenges, therefore, we are able to cater and customize our application to suit your needs.

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Welcome to the MyLobby family of Visitor Management Systems!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a reseller. If you’re looking to expand your current product offering to your existing or new customers, then the MyLobby application is ideal.

The ideal partner or reseller is an organization that has over seven years B2B experience, offering business technology applications. We will provide our resellers with training, support and insight in how to best approach existing clients and new opportunities.

As soon as you register, you’ll be provided with all the essentials you need to get your own Visitor Management System up and running. You don’t need any special technical platform to run it – it’s all in the cloud. In addition, the platform is highly secure and meets all current industry standards.

Here’s what you’ll get:
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  • Help creating a successful sales plan
  • Free technical support
  • Customization
You’re only a few steps away from putting your own MyLobby reseller business on the road to success.
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What distinguishes you from everyone else?

Since our very first day in operation in 2005, we set out to provide solutions to help organizations communicate more efficiently and effectively with digital display technology. Moreover, our goal was to give the most value within the marketplace. This is true and no different, for the MyLobby visitor management system.

Our years of experience serving corporate clients, has yielded us the proficiency to deploy and Maintain Devices that are reliable and easy-to-use. We’re not just selling a visitor management system instead partnering with our Community users that share the same concerns and desires you have for your facility.

Our client contacts are usually; Facility Managers, Office Managers, Security Personnel Environmental Health and Safety managers. All of these individuals have one thing in common, concerns of building efficiency, security and most of all the safety for each person in the building.

Together we learn and share knowledge. Each client has presented us with their unique challenges and concerns. We’ve been able to work through these challenges and MyMedia has been able to leverage the experience of other facilities while keeping each client anonymous and confidential.

Although our real secret to success is, our ability to understanding each client’s problems, getting very granular and understood their challenges, is what we do best. At that point, we are able to share our knowledge base and experience which leads to an even more compelling and even more robust solution for their specific problem also adding additional value to their business process which brought even further efficiencies.

One of the innate skills set our founder John Liberatore understands complex operations. With his background in food technology and adopting HACCP food manufacturing practices which are the equivalent of ISO 9000 for the food industry. HACCP initially developed by NASA. This discipline is very detailed and focuses on yielding the best possible outcome. As a result, MyMedia has adopted this discipline when creating solutions for its clients.

What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims?

We are promising and easy to use visitor management system that has features that improve the organization’s ability to connect visitors with host meanwhile increasing the security of the facility. We are also developing the following :

  • Faster connections from host to visitor
  • Better experience for visitors and employees
  • Streamlining Courier delivery notification to employees
  • Smaller office Square footage required

In addition, to back our claim you can see our video case studies form your clients sharing their experience on the link below:


How do I present this to my Team?

The best way to present this to your colleagues this to start by introducing is by capturing what your current system can do and also identifying some of the deficiencies that are essential to the operation of your facility. Our clients often asked himself the following questions:

Are we able to visually identify each visitor who comes in the building?

Are we able to track when a visitor has entered or left the building?

How legible, is the visitor sign-in sheet in the event we need to read the names to account for the visitors in the building during an evacuation?

In the event of an emergency where we are not able to retrieve the logbook can we still account for visitors in the building?

If there is a security concern in the building and we need to quickly identify an individual(s) visitor with a picture of what they look like can we do that within a matter of minutes?

If we needed to report metrics of visitors that have entered the building at a particular given time of any past weeks or months, are be able to report back on these metrics quickly.

When large groups are visiting our facility can we process them quickly without bottlenecking the front reception area?

Are we able to identify or asked for visitors the purpose of visit in our logbook?

Are we able to identify and confirm contractors have agreed for our safety standards?

Can we confirm and audit contractors billable hours on any given service call?

Are we able to have visitors or contractors answer a specific set of questions and capturing those answers upon their visit?

Can we send reminder messages to visitors to sign-out?

Most of our clients had these deficiencies. Or if they were able to address some of these above points, it was usually extremely time-consuming and not practical for their operation. A Mylobby visitor management system you can solve all of these about points: moreover, the optics of having a visitor management system at your reception adds a level sophistication to your facility.

What type of support do you offer?

All initial support provided via email. If an issue cannot be resolved by email, we will make arrangements to escalate to have a support phone call with one our qualified support specialist.

Who are you guys, anyway?

Our parent company is MyMedia Inc. est. in 2005. Our goal, to provide organizations communicate more efficiently and effectively with digital display technology.

Most of our projects consisted of digital signage deployments to assist corporate communication and HR with internal communications. Eventually, the business evolved to customize applications for manufacturing and service businesses. There was a real need for providing real-time data and insights to the operation of our clients. Customized application development range from:

  • Data visualization dashboards
  • Data visualization with business intelligence
  • Digital wayfinding
  • Digital job boards
  • Daily events display (pulling data from calendars)
  • Boardroom booking Applications


John Liberatore
President & CEO
Current President & CEO, MyMedia Inc. (2005 – Present)

Previous VP, Pasta International (1991-2004)
Cherry Curtis

Business Development Manager (March 2017 – Present)Assistant Operations Manager at MyMedia Inc. (Jan 2014 – 2017)
Mo Essam
Senior Content Developer
Senior Content Developer, MyMedia Inc (2011-Present)

Freelance Web Developer (2004-2010)a Heading
Mary Mendoza

​Project Manager (May 2018 – Present)
Maria Isabel Garcia

Business Marketing Consultant (Feb 2014-Present)a Heading
Abdelrahman Al-Nwilati
Administrative Assistant (January 2016-Present)